Steve & Barb Kouba

Gary & Jennifer Peters

Gary and Jennifer Peters have been riding
together for 13 years.  We have a son named 
Luke who is 7 and is not far behind us.  We 
love to ride as a family.

-Gary & Jennifer Peters

Juan Quetglas

Brandon Bussell

Greg Albright
Greg is a young cyclist, who with hard work,
has a bright future.  At the age of 15 years
old,he is in contention for the overall series
 winner in his category. He works hard in
not only cycling, but in tennis and in the
classroom.  He is looking forward to having
the best racing season of his life in 2012.
Recently, he placed 5th in the first season of
the year, Hillsboro Road Race, and in the
Tour de Ruidoso, he finished 2nd out of 100
riders, and in his hometown race, The Great
American Bicycle Race, known now as the
Cavern City Classic, he finished in the top
ten. He and his family are looking forward
to seeing just how far he can take his
cycling career.

-Greg Albright

Odie Nelson


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